African Virtual Campus (AVC)

An educational institution based on the power of information communications technologies, used to overcome physical barriers that prevent millions of students from accessing higher education.


In addition to developing its own contents, the AVC learning model adapts and presents contents that have already been tested elsewhere on behalf of various academic institutions across Europe, Asia, and Africa. AVC delivers course contents from a consortium of accredited institutions and training organizations to students using our state of the arts computer labs; assisted by trained local and international faculty and proctors. AVC provides the following advantages:

• Access to the best faculty, researchers and laboratories around the world.

• Increases access and affordability for students.

• Better student achievement; and introduces better pedagogical techniques (more hands-on learning opportunities, independent research, etc).

• Trains a critical mass of professionals necessary for economic development.

• Facilitates course contents virtually from top rated institutions, and linkages academic resources to students, institutions and organizations.

• Introduces more programs of study and curriculum contents from transnational partners that may be too costly for local institutions to develop and manage.

• Models and provides a new paradigm of teaching by local faculty in collaboration with foreign faculty; and encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship and competitiveness.

• Innovative contents delivery platforms in addition to traditional modes of delivery.  


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Robertsfield Highway - Monrovia, Liberia