avcU History

Our History
From a bold idea to an experiment, and to a leading online educational institution, African Virtual Campus University's journey is a testament of vision, perseverance, and innovation. Founded by a team of global professionals in technology and higher education from the US, UK, and Africa, AVCU was born out of the desire to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by developing countries, especial African nations, in participating in online higher education.

2017: The idea was encouraged with an abondance of moral and intellectual support. but a clear funding strategy was yet to be developed to advance the concept.

2018: The plan was to create an organization that would become the foundation of an accredited higher education institution. A handful of workshops were conducted at higher education institutions while efforts were made to elevate the concept.

2019, By November 2019, the partnership to rebrand African Virtual Campus as a university was born. Initially, the focus was on professional development and training programs for educators, laying the groundwork for becoming a distinguished higher education institution. The organization evolved into an online learning support corporation, expanding our reach and capabilities through strategic partnerships in Africa and the US.

2020: The most significant milestone was the development of the eLearning platform, BOIMA, which served K-12 and was expanded to higher education shortly after. We learned early on that online learning should have virtual classroom options, so we embedded those features. The platform underwent rigorous testing and refinement, with the successful pilot conducted by a partner college and university.

2022: Efforts culminated in accreditation approval by the International Association for Quality Assurance in Pre-Tertiary & Higher Education (QAHE); and the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) of Liberia, allowing AVCU to operate as an online university with hybrid options. This achievement marks the realization of our initial vision and a promise of continued innovation in delivering quality education with quality, speed and flexibility.

2024: African Virtual Campus University is set to launch classes with academic programs leading to the Master’s degree in Information Security, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, and Forensic Accounting. Additional technology affiliated programs are under development.

As we continue to enhance the unique brand of online learning, AVC University stands as a beacon of educational excellence and accessibility, committed to empowering students globally.

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